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Breathwork is an incredibly powerful healing modality that can facilitate deep emotional, psychological and physical cleansing. A transformational technique that can ignite intense inner exploration, Breathwork can open the client to new possibilities of themselves and who they are in the world.
A breathwork session is an illuminating and often surprising experience. It can help to clarify life purpose, open the practitioner to their personal spirituality in a deeply experiential way, and remove inner obstacles that may be blocking the client.
Breathwork brings us to a deeper level of awareness and insight through an altered state of consciousness.
It provides an experience which is often hard to put into words and can only be experienced. Breathwork truly gives you exactly what you need.
I am a Certified Breathwork Facilitator through Sacred Breath Academy and I strongly believe in the healing and transformational power of conscious breathing. I feel passionate about guiding my clients to their own empowerment and truth.
Some benefits of Breathwork include: 
-Deepening your sense of inner connection.
-Emotional Empowerment.
-Psycho somatic integration.
-Expanded Consciousness.
-Deeper states of awareness and realizations.
-Facilitates powerful self exploration, deep inquiry.
-Facilitates states of self healing.
Please contact me for an individual Breathwork session.
I also offer group sessions as well.
Feel free to reach out with any questions.


"I've had reiki & breathwork sessions with Darya. Both sessions have been amazing - I've learned so much about myself & the world/energies around me in each session. Darya provides a safe place for you to grow, learn, breathe, & just "be". I'd recommend her to anyone. I feel like I'm just scratching the surface on my journey & Darya has been the best guide one could hope for." -JD

"I loved my breathworks session with Darya. Darya is an amazing facilitator. She made me feel safe and comfortable from the beginning until the end of our session. Darya’s deep knowledge about breathworks helped to prepare me for my first breathworks journey. Her loving presence and support during my journey made me feel safe and supported. In addition, Darya’s essential oils, music, and crystal bowls encouraging me to go deeper in my journey. My session with Darya was transformational. After our session, I felt energized, grounded, and inner peace. If you are seeking a transformational experience, I highly recommend booking your next breathworks session with Darya." - Yelena


"Darya administered my first breathwork experience and I am so glad she was the one to do it. She created a very comfortable and open environment and was very informative on expectations as well as walking me through the process. I can not recommend her enough as I got way more than I was expecting through breathwork. She helped me work through a groundbreaking journey and was able to open my eyes to the absolute benefits of breathwork. She is amazing at what she does and creates a space that allows for truly magical and transformative moments to happen." - Erin S. 

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