About me...

My name is Darya

I live for a deep and meaningful life. I am honored to be in service to those who feel the call to reach for their highest potential. I am passionate about sharing my truth and knowledge while encouraging authentic, embodied, creative living.

I am currently offering Intimacy Guidance for those who feel ready to dive deep into their own nature and who wish to have meaningful and fulfilling relationships.  Find out more about this offering here.


I am also a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, and I strongly believe in the healing power of our breath and how it can lead us to deeper awareness and belonging.  To learn more about the Sacred Breath Method that I teach, click here. 

I am currently offering Bodywork and Reiki sessions. I can come to your house or host you at the retreat center where I live. 

I am also a Certified Holistic Birth Doula. I love supporting families on their journey from pregnancy into motherhood. Read more about my doula work and training here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I would love to offer you a free consultation regarding any services that I am offering.  Please don't be shy to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

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