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Somatic Sex Education

                                                  Somatic means 'relating to the body'.

I offer body-based learning, including: coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication,  sensate focus, massage, erotic trance, and other body-based teachings about sex.

Somatic sex education is designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self.

I offer teachings in sensual and sexual bodywork sessions for folks to practice at home, in which my students can discover their capacity for joy at their own pace. As they open to their deepest pleasures, there is space to process shame, fear, and grief if it arises.

Playful somatic exercises empower choice and voice in erotic exchanges.

People come to see me for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Healing from injury, illness, or learning about yourself in a new stage of life.

  • A safe place to speak openly about the intimate details of your life.

  • Discovering who you are as a sexual being.

  • Self-pleasure Coaching.

  • Pleasure Mapping - figuring out what turns you on and off in your body.

  • The Wheel of Consent – Practice establishing, communicating and negotiating boundaries and Awakening to conscious sexuality – practice giving and receiving, asking for and granting permission for touch.

  • Loss or lack of sexual desire – inside or outside of a relationship.

  • Learning to love yourself again after sexual abuse or trauma.

  • Healing from sexual trauma or traumatic childbirth.

  • Healing sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation.

  • Scar tissue remediation – help for scars from abdominal or genital surgery.

  • Changing habitual sexual roles or scripts.

  • Addressing troublesome turn-ons, including “pornography addiction”, “sex addiction”, unwated fantasies.

  • Massage lessons for lovers, learning the arts of sacred touch.

  • Exploring new ways of being sexual in a safe environment.

Let's begin with a complimentary consultation, where we can talk about your concerns and desires. It would be an honor to work with you. 

If you are serious about working with me, please fill out this intake form. 

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