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Somatic Sex Education uses breath, movement, sound, and touch to offer new insight into your erotic capacity, to become more connected to your pleasure and your body, and to support healing from sexual wounding.

While sex therapy can be a great way to address certain issues, somatic sex education focuses on teaching you about your sexuality and your relationship to it. That’s powerful work, and it requires a strong container to be able to explore the learning edges where growth happens. There are many different elements that we use to create that container.

One of the most important elements of this modality is that I will never do anything that you don’t want to do. While I might offer suggestions, I will only provide touch that is actively invited. You can say no to anything, at any time, even if you had previously said yes to it. I welcome and invite your guidance to ensure that your experience is meeting your goals.

Another aspect to the container of sexological bodywork is that all touch is one-way, from me to you. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to actively receive touch. Further, I will remain fully clothed during the entire session and wear gloves for all genital contact to maintain your safety.

I am very mindful of confidentiality and privacy. I will never disclose any information about you, including the fact that we’re working together, without your written consent or a legal order. You are always welcome to share anything about your experiences with anyone you choose.

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