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On becoming stronger

Updated: May 29, 2019

..Live a life that is yours..

..Live as authentically as you can..

..Don’t let society dictate your life..

I realize that the stronger I become, the more I provoke a strong reaction in other people. I choose to be at peace with that. After all, we are the creators of our own realities and we should always honor our own personal truths no matter how different they may be from others ideas of right and wrong. I choose to feel empowered through the challenges. I am paving the way and creating a dream reality for myself and my daughter, I do not wish to fit into a societal or cultural boxes of how I should be living my life, I choose to fight for my right to live the life I want that is unique to me. I choose to do the inner self work and continue becoming the best version of myself for myself and for my daughter.

Every day I remind myself that I am not here to meet other people’s expectations. I am not here to please the masses. I am here to continue learning how to love and to be loved. I am here to learn how to give and how to live my life as authentically and as bravely as I can. I am here to exchange as much as I can, as honestly as I can, with as much integrity, pleasure and joy as I can. I am here to keep doing my best for myself and for my precious child.

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1 Comment

Marena Hope Hachey
Marena Hope Hachey
Aug 12, 2018

I struggle with these in our society/culture as well. I support you:) worldschooling is awesome. “Not all classrooms have four walls” <3

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