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Life in Peru

Updated: May 29, 2019

After two flights and spending an interesting night sleeping on the floor at the airport in Lima, we take our final flight to Cusco. We make a friend on facebook prior to our departure and we are bringing with us an extra 90 kilograms of supplies from America for the local community with which he works. He arranges for a driver to pick us up at the Cusco airport. We are greeted by Ernesto, a humble man who sells fruits at the market with his wife. He takes us down the winding roads deep into the mountains where the Sacred Valley lays. During the ride, we are practicing our spanish and asking as many questions as we can. Ernesto tells us of the mountain spirits called Apus who are guardians of the land, and how each mountain in the valley has it’s own personality and quality, feminine or masculine. We land in a lovely pueblo called Pisaq. The first few days, we spend at a bed and breakfast and there is a huge adjustment happening with our bodies and minds. The high altitude is something to get used to, at first we experience some tiredness and shortness of breath. Milana has a big belly ache and is throwing up during the first night. Energetically, it feels as if we are held by these majestic mountains and the valley where we stay is like a womb. Everything becomes more transparent and feelings flow freely from within. All kinds of feelings, and realizations, there is a deep sense that we are embarking on a journey on deep inner soul work and personal healing. We are opening the door and saying yes to doing this work, but we also don’t really know what lays on the other side of this door. The land is permeated by mysticism and many opportunities for growth and transformation. After few days, I make a post on local group page asking about affordable housing and within hours, the perfect housing opportunity presents itself. We relocate to a house on the edge of town with magnificent views in both directions, shared kitchen, hot showers, our personal guardian dog and the price is only 45$ for a week. There is no internet at the house, which is actually quite therapeutic and allows us to focus on other creative outlets, such as reading, making art and crafts, playing games, doing yoga. It feels that everything we desire manifests very quickly here. Dreams and wishes become magnified, as well as any doubts or fears. This land allows for deep introspection and immersion into the unknown territories of Nature and Heart. There is a sense of deep alignment, all the connections and interactions that we are having are allowing us to feel a sense of belonging here. We are learning a lot from the local community, the native people are very giving and joyful. Milana is excited to start a local school and practice speaking spanish. We are getting used to a much slower pace of life, each day feels like a week, at times things don’t go as planned, there is a different sense of time here, yet when we surrender the control, everything falls into it’s own place at perfect timing. Every day, I am so grateful to be able to experience this country with my daughter. Through her feelings, she always reminds me how to stay present, how to slow down, how to be playful, how to be lighthearted and how to find wonder and joy in every moment. Yet, there are also plenty of moments of deep intensity and facing my own shadows, facing my own ignorance. Every day is an opportunity to transmute confusion into understanding, frustrations into compassion. Each day, I make a vow to be fully committed to my heart and truth, to live as deeply as I can, to feel everything, to be courageous, to be who I am meant to be. Every day presents a new chance to learn, to grow, to be better than yesterday and we are taking in these days to integrate everything that we are discovering around and within ourselves.

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Sophia Bozok
Sophia Bozok
Jan 30, 2018

Your story sounds magical and def very inspiring for a lot of moms to take off and give it a try to explore not only personal abilities but adding experience to your child who is absorbing and learning by now third language. Thank you for sharing.

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