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Worldschooling in Peru

"Remaining childish is a tremendous state of innocence."- John Lydon

We have been living in Peru for almost 4 months now. It has been a really rewarding journey to be able to grow here and to see how the environment we live in is shaping our worldview, our understanding of reality, and our values.

Traveling alone with a child is not easy, yet we have found wonderful community and support here. We are living in a modern, progressive, traditional village called Pisac, surrounded by lovely breathtaking mountains and magnificent nature. We have international housemates whom feel like our family by now and we never feel lonely or isolated here. For the past few months we have been focusing on integrating and learning as much as we can from living in these surroundings. Milana has been enjoying some local classes such as art, circus arts, pottery, music, dance. We have also been doing a lot of exploration of the Incan ruins, nearby towns, hiking mountains, finding waterfalls, riding horses and having so much fun playing with our friends.

Milana is finding a lot of independence here. She is 6 years old right now, and she acts so mature for her age. She is benefitting a lot from living in a community setting. She is able to socialize as much as she wants with other adults and travelers. She often initiates and takes on a responsible role of cleaning up after herself or the common areas, doing dishes, taking care of the puppy that lives here. She has also found a huge passion for cooking. Every day she experiments with local flavors and loves to make healthy desserts with cacao, fresh fruits and some of her favorite superfoods like maca and lucuma. The other day she asked if she can walk alone from the market to our house a couple of blocks and I allowed her to do so which felt really empowering for her and made me feel so grateful that we live in an overall very peaceful and safe town.

This year Milana did not go to kindergarden, so we are embracing homeschooling or what I like to call Worldschooling. This strategy has it's own challenges, for example, the need to incorporate discipline and routine which is at times hard on the road, yet I find this method incredibly rewarding for her. She is able to spend many hours of the day playing, practicing self directed learning where she gets to choose what she wants to learn and how, making crafts, art, interacting with kids and other adults, and learning at her own pace through the books and materials that we brought with us. She was also brave enough to perform at an open mic at a cafe here, and everything about her own individuality and self expression makes me a really proud mama.

There are many lessons that are presenting themselves here in Peru for us. A big understanding is embedded in the concept that, "what you seek, is seeking you." We treat this world as our playground with many opportunities to play, to grow, to learn. Of course it is not always fun and games, and we face different challenges throughout the days, yet our optimism, positive attitude of gratitude for everything and healthy mindset always helps us to navigate through new territories. We take advantage of the abundance of different experiences we can have, every day we focus on what our goals and desires are and we go after them. We are there to encourage and support one another all the way. I feel so blessed to have such an aware, courageous and encouraging daughter. Many times we talk about how happy and how lucky we are to be able to travel together and explore the world and each day we practice cultivating gratitude for absolutely everything we have in our life.


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Being able to do what you are doing requires much trust, strength and a willingness to engage in the world. Peace and be well.



Love and more love , i trully feel blessed that we met and you are so kind to share your feelings and thoughts of your journey. joy for your spirit and soul, now and forever, always true.💖

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