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What is the Breathtaking Path?

Updated: May 29, 2019

Breathtaking Path is the journey where every breath we take, takes us deeper into our truth, breathing and bringing our soulful essence into life.

I chose to name my site this because this is what I wish to embody and practice daily.

We all deserve breathtaking lives, we all deserve to thrive and to live well. When we are connected to our breath, to the natural environment around us, we can always come back to our wholeness. To be whole is to be strong, clear, nurtured, safe, open, in tune.

Transformation and healing happens naturally when we are connected to the Earth, when we interact with the elements, when we are willing to surrender that which does not serve us, all the conditioning and baggage that does not belong to us. Then we can truly be free, we can follow the breathtaking path of living our bliss, our wildest desires, our deepest purpose..

Treat life as a ceremony. Make every day sacred. Commit to your growth and transformation. Take care of the garden of your soul, water it with your love. Do everything in your power to feel connected to yourself and to others. Activate and ignite your own potential!

Here is to a Breathtaking Year ahead!

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